BOCK HG & HA Compressors

Single and two-stage reciprocating compressors (HG/HA)

HG (gas-cooled.) The Bock HG range of semi-hermetic compressors offers traditional suction-gas-cooled compressor technology. These compressors are state of the art, excelling in ease of running, simple maintenance, high efficiency, and reliability

The “HA principle” of air-cooled compressors, specially developed by Bock, is the most efficient semi-hermetic solution for low-temperature applications. It employs a direct-suction compressor combined with an air-cooled drive motor. The suction gas is not heated additionally, but rather fed directly into the cylinders without diversions via the motor. A compact ventilation unit is integrated to cool the motor and provide air flow for the cylinder heads, partially cooling them as well. This solution reduces the discharge temperature, increasing capacity and extending the range of applications.

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