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Bitzer Semi Hermetic Compact Screw Compressors

Semi Hermetic Compact

Equipped with mechanical capacity control and an extensive application limits diagram, the semi-hermetic compact screw compressors are suitable for use in industrial liquid chillers and heat pumps. The built-in oil-separating system facilitates simple system construction and fast installation.

For Standard Refrigerants



semi-hermetic-compactThe compact screws of the new CSW series are optimised for use in R134a liquid chillers operating under low saturation discharge temperatures. As a result, they are compatible with systems with water cooled condensers, process cooling and systems with air cooled condensers operating under moderate climatic conditions. Thanks to their targeted development for these applications, their efficiency under full-load – and especially under part-load – was significantly increased. Additionally, the application limits under low saturation discharge temperatures were greatly expanded. Therefore, this series of compressors boasts ESEER/IPLV* values which greatly surpass the conventional international standards for compact screw compressors.


semi-hermetic-compactThe new CSH series is based on the proven design elements of the innovative BITZER compact screws, which are recognized as a benchmark around the world. They were developed with respect to universal application in air cooled liquid chillers and heat pumps. Besides their known attributes, the compressors are distinguished by further improvements to energy efficiency under full- and part-load conditions. Additionally, the application limits were greatly expanded both in terms of low saturation discharge temperatures and high pressure ratios (heat pumps) – without compromising operating reliability.

For Hydrocarbons (eg Propane)


semi-hermetic-compactThe new CSHP series is based on the proven design elements of the innovative BITZER compact screws, which are recognized as a benchmark around the world. The CSHP series has been specially developed for use in air cooled liquid chillers and heat pumps with the natural, low-GWP refrigerant propane (R290). Other hydrocarbon refrigerants may be used on request. Some characteristics of the CSHP series differ technically from those of the standard CSH series, including electrical accessories, safety devices, oil charge and the lubrication system. R290 is a flammable refrigerant of the A3 safety group. Special safety regulations apply to the design, operation and maintenance of refrigeration systems and heat pumps with flammable refrigerants. The CSHP series is available exclusively for OEM customers for use in series products.For more information, please see BITZER technical information KT-660 ‘Application of propane (R290) and propylene (R1270) with semi-hermetic compressors’.

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