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Bitzer Semi-hermetic 2 Stage

Semi-hermetic 2-stage

The semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors, which compress the refrigerant in two stages, are optimized for the low-temperature refrigeration range. Liquid subcooling significantly increases the cooling capacity and efficiency of the entire system.

For Standard Refrigerants


semi hermetic 2 stageBITZER is raising the bar in terms of technology and capacity for expanded low temperature applications with the 2nd generation of 2-stage compressors. This series is the result of extensive research on the basis of years of experience in the construction of highly efficient and solid reciprocating compressors. The gas flow control and working valves are specially adapted for low temperature applications.


semi hermetic 2 stage tandemTandem compressors are the simplest way of connecting two compressors in parallel. Turning on and shutting off one compressor allows for a particularly effective graduation of output. Particularly for applications with load fluctuations, this allows for cost-effective and energy-efficient operation under full- and part-load with all conventional refrigerants.

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