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For Standard Refirgerants


open 2nd genWith the 2nd generation, BITZER has taken a decisive step forward: There is now a model range for chlorine-free HFC refrigerants and HFCKW. Thanks to their highly efficient and robust designs, the standard compressors meet all the criteria for operation with chlorinated and chlorine-free refrigerants.


0 v11This series of models has proven itself worldwide over the decades. Thanks to constant developments and the use of high-quality materials, it is once again an international benchmark of quality.


roadstarThe BITZER ROADSTAR range consists of the extended range of 2-cylinder compressors (see KP-544) and the optimised 4- and 6-cylinder compressors 4UFC(Y) to 4GFC(Y) and 6UFC(Y) to 6NFC(Y). They were designed for special requirements in vehicle applications and have overcome the challenges of all climatic zones and the conditions of mobile applications.


fr seriesA special version was developed for transport refrigeration systems on the basis of the proven 4UFC(Y) .. 4NFC(Y) compressors designed for vehicle air conditioning. This new series – 4UFR(Y) .. 4NFR(Y) – can be used with R404A, R507A and R22 (“R” = refrigeration) in a wide range of applications – medium to low temperature applications. With outstanding technical features made popular by the air conditioning models, these compressors offer high efficiency and reliability in BITZER quality.


f 400Based on experience with the years of success of the 4UFC .. 4NFC compressor series, a compact and lightweight alternative was developed for bus air conditioning systems with low and medium outputs. With the new F400Y series, BITZER presents the next technical advance with unique benefits.


2 stageBITZER is raising the bar in terms of technology and capacity for expanded low temperature applications with the 2nd generation of 2-stage compressors. This series is the result of extensive research on the basis of years of experience in the construction of highly efficient and solid reciprocating compressors. The gas flow control and working valves are specially adapted for low temperature applications.

For NH3


waIn addition to compressors for HFC and HCFC, we offer a series of open-drive compressors specially optimized for use with ammonia (NH₃) refrigerant.

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