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Hermetic Compact

Optimized for air conditioning technology in vehicles: the hermetic compact screw compressors are designed for use in railway carriages and coaches. With their thin design, low weight and smooth running, they’re ideal for installation in confined roof and under-floor spaces.

For Standard Refrigerants


hermetic-compactThe hermetic compact screws add to the screw compressor range in the lower capacity range. They are suitable for use in factory assembled air conditioning units, liquid chillers and especially for air conditioning in railway carriages. Thanks to the built-in oil reservoir and separation system, the compact design enables easy installation. With their thin design, low weight and smooth running over a wide range of speeds, the compressors meet the increasing requirements of confined roof and under-floor spaces.

For Hydrocarbons (eg Propane)


semi-hermetic-compactThe new CSHP series is based on the proven design elements of the innovative BITZER compact screws, which are recognized as a benchmark around the world. The CSHP series has been specially developed for use in air cooled liquid chillers and heat pumps with the natural, low-GWP refrigerant propane (R290). Other hydrocarbon refrigerants may be used on request. Some characteristics of the CSHP series differ technically from those of the standard CSH series, including electrical accessories, safety devices, oil charge and the lubrication system. R290 is a flammable refrigerant of the A3 safety group. Special safety regulations apply to the design, operation and maintenance of refrigeration systems and heat pumps with flammable refrigerants. The CSHP series is available exclusively for OEM customers for use in series products.For more information, please see BITZER technical information KT-660 ‘Application of propane (R290) and propylene (R1270) with semi-hermetic compressors’.

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